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Slovenian law company "Red Passport" offers consulting assistance in matters of EU immigration

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You should get advice on
immigration to the EU if:

  • .01

    You want to immigrate privately

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    You have a residence permit\permanent residence and you can not get citizenship of the European Union.

  • .03

    You want to conduct business in the EU, but it's problematic with your current citizenship.

  • .04

    You are worried about a decent future for your children.

  • .05

    You want to get EU citizenship but don't know which country to choose.

  • .06

    You dream of a high-paying job on a par with EU citizens.

What do you get from immigrating to the EU:

Visa-free travel

More than 130 countries of the world are open for visiting without a visa.

Europe's markets open for business

EU citizens enjoy tax benefits when conducting business in the European market.

Employment without additional documents

The second EU passport allows you to work legally in 28 countries without obtaining a special permit.

European education for children

Scholarship programs are provided for EU citizens. Paid programs are 70% cheaper than for non-EU countries citizens.

Excellent health care

European health care system is at a high level of development, which was confirmed by the effective victory over coronavirus, for example in Germany.

Do you want to live, run a business, work, and educate children in the EU?
Consult with international lawyers of the "Red passport" company and achieve desired results in the shortest time possible.

Consult an international lawyer free of charge

What "Red Passport" lawyers
can do for you:

We undertake to solve the most difficult situations

Our lawyers will analyze your needs and lead you to the desired result.

We assign your personal lawyer

Each client receives a personal accompanying lawyer who is ready to answer any questions and solves paper difficulties in the process of immigration.

outcome only

Our company employs lawyers with international education.

The process of cooperation with us:


Consultation on immigration issues


Agreement conclusion


Legal advice and support


Successful immigration to the selected EU country

security for your family and a better future for your children! Consult with international lawyers today to get your dream life in 8 Months!

Consult an international lawyer free of charge

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