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Note! Due to the fact that the term of registration of Bulgarian citizenship takes about 3 years, Red Passport company suspends provision of services for the immigration program in Bulgaria

With Bulgarian passport you can easily go to any country in Europe. Within a few days we will prepare all necessary documents and initiate the process of registering Bulgarian citizenship. You can obtain documents within a month, depending on the workload of our partners in Bulgaria.

You do not have to open a Schengen visa anymore - you will only need to show a passport of Bulgarian citizen for traveling abroad. It can be either an ID-card or a passport. You receive not only a document, but also the status of a citizen of the European Union, as Bulgaria has been a member of the EU since 2007.


01. Naturalization
02. By investment
03. By blood
04. Upon purchasing property


Obtaining a residence permit and permanent residence in Bulgaria is still the optimal choice for hundreds of foreigners who mainly plan to spend time in this warm Black Sea country. If you need a Bulgarian passport because of visa-free entry to the EU and other countries of the world, this option will take too long for you.

In order to obtain grounds for applying for citizenship, you will have to live in Bulgaria permanently for at least 5 years. However, the residence permit in this country does not open a visa-free entry even to the EU countries, since Bulgaria is not a part of the Schengen zone.

Important to know that before submitting an application it is necessary to begin the procedure for the renunciation of your current citizenship. This applies to both Ukrainians and Russians, since dual citizenship is prohibited in Bulgaria itself. The term of 5 years can be reduced if you marry a Bulgarian citizen, in this case you can apply for citizenship after 3 years of permanent residence.


How much does it cost to get Bulgarian passport for an entrepreneur? One of the answers may be the value of a full-fledged business that brings income in Bulgaria. Foreigners who invest to the local economy can individually get a residence permit in Bulgaria, and then a Bulgarian passport.

Purchasing real estate will accelerate receiving permanent residence in Bulgaria but will not help to avoid long-term naturalization and learning Bulgarian language.


It is possible to prove your ties with Bulgarian nation in court. If the judgment establishes your Bulgarian origin, you will receive the European passport much more quickly.

In other cases, a substantial ground for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship will be the presence of at least one parent with Bulgarian citizenship.

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Immigration to the European Union

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