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Note! Accelerated immigration program of Croatia is shut down. Red Passport company is not providing services for obtaining Croatian passport anymore.

Croatia – is a unique Mediterranean country with a mild climate. Numerous photos of nature and the sea coast, in particular the azure beaches of Split, create the image of an ideal place for living. A large number of positive responses about the simplicity of immigration to Europe through Croatian citizenship also play a significant role.

There are several ways of obtaining Croatian citizenship, thus not all are easily accessible for foreigners. The desire to go to live and work in Croatia annually attracts thousands of residents of Eastern Europe. And although the most popular is the permanent residence in Croatia through the purchase of real estate, many prefer to acquire the citizenship and the passport of Croatia by all means. How possible is that and how long does it take?


01. Naturalization
02. Through marriage
03. By investment
04. Upon purchasing


Like in many other EU countries, the passport of a Croatian citizen can be "earned" through naturalization, by residing in this country for at least 5 years. Naturalization also means that you will manage to learn Croatian and will become a part of the local culture.

Long residency in a rented property can please you with relatively low prices in Croatia, as well as a lively labor market. For many Russians, as well as for Ukrainians, this option is too long, unless a person plans to spend his entire life here.


An official marriage with a Croatian citizen is not the ground for prompt citizenship acquisition. Your children will not get it automatically as well. As in the case of naturalization, you will have to live with your soulmate for another 5 years after the marriage.

But be careful, if local law enforcement authorities will consider your marriage to be "fictitious," you risk falling into criminal liability.


The establishment and management of a profitable business in Croatia, perhaps, is one of the most realistic ways not only to get a residence permit, but also to become a candidate for the obtaining Croatian citizenship. The Croatian Government has a positive attitude towards foreigners who implement business projects in their country with the involvement of the local population.

You should know that such a business should stay afloat and give profit to the state in the form of taxes. Citizenship is granted to the investor, and eventually to his family.


Purchasing property in Croatia paves the way for registering for residence permit. But even a fancy mansion valued at a million euros will not allow you to acquire Croatian citizenship immediately. First, you will need to get a visa to Croatia, and then look for a job. Documents for citizenship can be submitted only after 5 years.

Since 2009, owning the real estate in Croatia is the ground for obtaining residence permits, but not passports.

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