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Loyal immigration policy of the current Romanian legislation gives foreigners a simplified option of acquiring EU citizenship through the issuance of a Romanian passport. For residents of the CIS countries - Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians - an accelerated repatriation procedure is envisaged.


An accelerated acquisition of Romanian passport through the repatriation is available for citizens of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Article 11 of the Romanian Citizenship Act No. 21 provides for the restoration of citizenship to people born or residing in the former Romanian territory during the period 1918-1940 and their descendants up to the third generation:

Art 11
“Persoanele care au dobândit cetățenia română prin naștere sau prin adopție și care au pierdut-o din motive neimputabile lor sau această cetățenie le-a fost ridicată fără voia lor, precum și descendenții acestora până la gradul III, la cerere, pot redobândi sau li se poate acorda cetățenia română, cu posibilitatea păstrării cetățeniei străine și stabilirea domiciliului în țară sau cu menținerea acestuia în străinătate.”

The Citizenship Act No. 21


Low lending

Romanian citizens who own small or medium-sized businesses use the interest rate on loans at a rate of 4.5%. For loans for more than 10 years, the interest is reduced to 2.5.

Reliable bank system

According to Global Finance, European banks hold 9 leading positions among the most reliable global banks. Citizens of Romania have the right to keep their capital in any financial institution of European Union.

Governmental support

More than 20 thousand European entrepreneurs, including Romanian citizens, annually receives grants for business development.

Employment in Europe

Citizens of Romania work in EU states without preliminary registration of permits, on equal terms with citizens of Germany, Denmark and other European countries.

Higher Pensions

Government payments for Romanian citizens of retirement age reach up to €2,800 euros, provided that the person is officially employed in Denmark or Germany.

Choosing the country of residence

Romanian citizens can live in the territory of any European country.

Affordable real estate

The housing in Europe for holders of Romanian passport is much cheaper that for foreigners.

Mortgage lending

Romanian citizens can get a mortgage with 2% of annual rate.

Visa-free trips around the world

For trips, Slovenian citizens do not need to have a visa or any other accompanying documents, such as evidence of financial security or the hotel reservations.

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Immigration to the European Union

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  • .01

    Proving Romanian

    Our attorneys will review scan-copies of your documents: passports, birth and marriage certificates (if available), birth/death certificates of your parents, grandparents, marriage/divorce certificates of your parents, grandparents. If needed, we will restore missing documents in state institutions.


    Necessary documents are available.

  • .02

    Registration and accompaniment
    for submitting documents

    Together with the proof of your Romanian roots, there are the application to the competent authorities of Romania and a criminal record from country of permanent residence attached to the dossier. During the preparation of documents, we register you for submitting your dossier to the Ministry of Justice. On the appointed day, accompanied by our lawyer, you submit a file for citizenship.


    You receive registration Dosar number in
    the Ministry of Justice of Romania.

  • .03

    for the oath

    After submitting of the dossier, it is checked by Romanian authorities and after the expiration of the statutory period - 6 months – your name appears in the Citizenship Decree. It is worth to spend waiting time for preparation for the oath. The personal consultant of our company will inform you in detail about all the finer points of this procedure, providing audio and video training materials for the success.


    You receive Certificate
    of Citizenship of Romania

  • .04

    Processing internal

    Upon taking of the oath and the issuance of the Certificate of the President of the National Commission, you are officially recognized to be the citizen of Romania. Enjoying all the privileges of EU citizen is available after obtaining of internal European documents - birth certificate, ID-card and a passport of Romania.


    You become a full-fledged
    European Union citizen

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